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    "Independently produced comics and picture books made from the love of the craft!"


    Hi! I’m Peter Hertzberg, a comic book artist, illustrator, general thinker/tinkerer in visual storytelling. I created OMOiOMO as my platform for sharing the stories I create with the world!


    The stories are all available here below to read in English for FREE. If you enjoy them, and want to support my work, please consider buying one as a PDF (available in English and Swedish and some in Spanish and Finnish) for the price of your choice!


    If you prefer to read books in physical form you can find them by searching for them in your online bookstore of choice with the books title or isbn number found at the bottom of the product posts!


    On top of this page, under "posts", you can read "Just a Thought about...", where I write and make essay comics on illustration and other things that get stuck in my head.