What's the OMOiOMO Membership?

Due to life getting in the way of making comics I won't be able to make regular updates for the foreseen future. So, if you choose to subscribe to the pro-membership, for some time all I can offer is full access to my comics and picture books.

Signing up for the free membership you will get all updates on the site sent to your email so you won't need to visit the site to keep track of what's new.

With the pro-membership you will get:

  • Access to read all the stories fully!
  • Access to all releases and posts early!
  • The knowledge that you're supporting an independent artist
  • (more coming soon)

You could invest your money into things that destroys the environment or things that'll ruin your health and rot your teeth. Or, you could put your money into supporting an independent illustrator and storyteller trying to spread his stories through the world and share his knowledge on the craft to other aspiring artists (even though he writes about himself in third-person).

Peter Hertzberg

Peter Hertzberg