My comics and picture books!

OMOiOMO Year 4 - A Book Collection

This is a collection of almost 220 pages with the comics and picture books made by Peter Hertzberg during the year 2021, the forth year of OMOiOMO. A collection of stories about friendship, courage and openness! Available in English and Swedish!

A Monster is Loose! - A Picture Book

A monster is loose! Its rumpus and mischief creates chaos and disarray, but all is not as it seems as the real chaos lies elsewhere. A picture book about how there often is more under the surface than we believe... Available in English and Swedish!

A Hunter - A Text-free Graphic Novel

A text-free graphic novel by Peter Hertzberg about a puzzle piece that doesn't fit in and sets out to hunt for respect but stumbles of the path and finds its own way. But, it lacks the courage to follow its new course. Available in English, Swedish, Spanish and Finnish!