Who's Peter Hertzberg?

Who's Peter Hertzberg?

Hello! I'm Peter Hertzberg, an illustrator and storyteller with a passion of the craft of visual storytelling!

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If you want to get in contact with me with a question or comment on my work, or if you have a project you would like to collaborate on, please don't hesitate to write me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


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Short Biography

I'm a thinker/tinkerer in visual storytelling spending most of my time illustrating, making comics and picture books, but I also have a blog where I share essay comics about m craft and things I'm thinking about.

Outside my work I like doing sports, mainly calisthenics and normally also martial arts (I have a blue belt in Judo and Sambo) although I'm currently taking a "sabbatical" from the martial arts training.

I grew up in Jakobstad, Finland and have since lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 13 years where I, among other things, took two 2-year courses in animation and a 1-year course in screenwriting and also worked a bit in animation (comercials and personal projects).

I then moved to Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, Spain for about 6 years. There I got seriously in to illustration, making and publishing my stories as a profession.

Now I'm back in Finland again, this time in Åbo, altough I'm hoping to move back to Valle Gran Rey in the future when my responsibilities allow it.

I speak fluently Swedish (I'm a part of the Swedish speaking minority in Finland) and English and roughly Spanish and Finnish.

Peter Hertzberg

Peter Hertzberg