OMOiOMO Year 4 - A Book Collection

OMOiOMO Year 4 - A Book Collection

This is a collection of almost 220 pages with the comics and picture books made by Peter Hertzberg during the year 2021, the forth year of OMOiOMO. A collection of stories about friendship, courage and openness!  

With the stories:  

Winter's Night - A text-free Christmas comic about true friendship and magic!  

A Hunter - All 5 parts of the text-free graphic novel about how hunting for popularity leads a person to what he really need.  

A Monster is Loose - A picture book about how there often is more under the surface than what is seen.

If you want to read the full story...

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If you want it as a printed book, you can find them by searching for the name or isbn number in your online bookstore of choice! It's available in these versions:


OMOiOMO Year 4

  • Softcover

isbn: 9781006024450

  • Hardcover, dust jacket

isbn: 9781006024467

  • Hardcover, imagewrap

isbn: 9781006024474


OMOiOMO Solvarv 4

  • Mjukpärm

isbn: 9781006025440

  • Hårdpärm, dust jacket

isbn: 9781006025457

  • Hårdpärm, imagewrap

isbn: 9781006025433

Peter Hertzberg

Peter Hertzberg