OMOiOMO Year 3 - A Collection of 6 Stories

OMOiOMO Year 3 - A Collection of 6 Stories

6 picture books and comics totaling 170+ pages.

This is a collection of the 6 comics and picture books made By Peter Hertzberg during the year 2020, the third year of OMOiOMO!

These are 6 stories about daring to find ones own path!

With the stories:


"Just a Breath"

"The Wanderer and Stop! Be careful!"

"An Umbrella Full of Rain"

"A hunter Book 1 - Today is yesterday is tomorrow"

"A Hunter Book 2 - Prey to change prey"

Available in English and Swedish!

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OMOiOMO Year 3

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OMOiOMO Year 3

  • Softcover

isbn: 9781034217879

  • Hardcover, dust jacket

isbn: 9781034217886

  • Hardcover, imagewrap

isbn: 9781034217893


OMOiOMO Solvarv 3

  • Mjukpärm

isbn: 9781034222934

  • Hårdpärm, dust jacket

isbn: 9781034222927

  • Hårdpärm, imagewrap

isbn: 9781034222941

Peter Hertzberg

Peter Hertzberg