OMOiOMO Compilation 6 - A Collection of 4 Stories

OMOiOMO Compilation 6 - A Collection of 4 Stories

This is the sixth compilation of 4 illustrated stories by Peter Hertzberg!

Four stories about finding opportunities in problems and daring to find the treasures on the other side of fear...

It has the four illustrated stories:

"The Terminal"

Grandpa never said goodbye so Amira finds her way to the terminal from where grandpa still hasn't moved on.

An illustrated story about acceptance and about glowing for each other.

"Just a Breath"

If only I could take just a breath..

An illustrated story about a lonely ghost and about sorrow.


Only with the protection of the law,

in tunnels underground,

with oneness within the group,

and with the guards of information

we can truly be safe!

And never fly..

A text-free comic book about freedom.

"The Wanderer and Stop! Be Careful!"

Stop! Be careful! This path is dangerous!

You never know what you might see!

A picture book about finding the courage to continue forward although ones legs are shaky.

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Peter Hertzberg

Peter Hertzberg