OMOiOMO Compilation 4 - A Collection of 4 Stories

OMOiOMO Compilation 4 - A Collection of 4 Stories

OMOiOMO Compilation 4 is the first collection of illustrated stories created by Peter Hertzberg during 2019, the second year of OMOiOMO.

It contains the stories:

“The Little Match Girl” a text-free adaption of HC Andersens beloved classic.

“The Wanderer and the Nosewise” a story about daring to stand up when others try to hold you down.

“The Dream Painters” about turning nightmares in to dreams.

“Red Ball” a story about friendship and bravery.

In this collection, three of the four stories are text-free something that is a interesting challenge as a storyteller. That is, to only with images tell not only the main plot of the story but also its subtext and depth. Text-free books, also sometimes called “silent books”, are books that are appreciated, among other places, at refugee camps as they are readable also by the most vulnerable, unaccompanied refugee children.

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OMOiOMO Compilation 4

  • Softcover

isbn: 9780368896750

  • Hardcover, dust jacket

isbn: 9780368896774

  • Hardcover, imagewrap

isbn: 9780368896767


OMOiOMO Samling 4

  • Mjukpärm

isbn: 9781714710201

  • Hårdpärm, dust jacket

isbn: 9781714710188

  • Hårdpärm, imagewrap

isbn: 9781714710201

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Peter Hertzberg

Peter Hertzberg