What’s OMOiOMO???

Hi, I’m Peter Hertzberg an illustrator and storyteller who started OMOiOMO as a way to freely share my stories with the world, as to be able to focus only on crafting the best story and not worry about if it will be seen as a commercially viable others.

As you’ve probably already noticed, preview of all my stories are available to read in English. Full stories are all available through a paid membership for 5€ per month.

I also make essay comics called "Just a Thought About" and write short essays about the books I've worked on.

If you prefer to read printed books you can find them in most internet bookstores by searching for their title or isbn number, both found on the bottom of the book pages here. They’re also available as PDFs from my store on Gumroad at omoiomo.gumroad.com (in English, Swedish and some in Spanish and Finnish) for the price you see fit or can afford.